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국가물산업클러스터 전체 조감도

Key Facilities

국가물산업클러스터 주요 시설 현황을 보여주는 테이블로 각 시설 별 규모, 주요시설 정보를 보여준다.
Type Scale Key Facilities
Test Beds Test-Bed Plant·User-
  • 1st floor

  • Floor Area: 24,951㎡
Test-Bed Plant5,000㎥/day

Purification: 2,000㎥/day, Sewage: 1,000㎥/day
Wastewater: 2,000㎥/day, Reclaimed Water: 1,000㎥/day

User-Customized Area5,000㎥/day

Purification: 3,000㎥/day, Sewage: 1,000㎥/day
Wastewater: 1,000㎥/day, Reclaimed Water: 2,000㎥/day

Pipe Network
Testing Area
  • 1st floor

  • Floor Area: 963㎡
Elevated Tank, Recovery Reservoir, Piping Conduit,
Total Circulation Pipe Network
Promotion Facilities Water
R&D Center
  • Inside of Water Convergence R&D Area

  • Floor Area: 11,956㎡
Rental Research Office&Laboratories, Administration Office,
Other Management Facilities
Global Business Center
  • 6th floor

  • Floor Area: 14,718㎡
Promotion Exhibition Hall, Administration office,
Rental Office, Information Center, Dormitory
Water Campus
  • 4th floor

  • Floor Area: 5,620㎡
Library, Cafeteria, Lecture Room, Project Lab

Facility Outline

  • Objectives

    Build infrastructure to provide lifecycle support for water business to develop technology and penetrate global market
    Establish a water industry cluster with cooperation of industry, academia, research, and organization

  • Name of Facility

    Korea Water Cluster (KWC)

  • Location

    20, Gukgasandan-daero 40-gil, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Republic of Korea

  • Area


  • Key Facilities

    Test Beds, User-Customized Area, Water Convergence R&D Center, Global Business Center, Water Campus