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Water Convergence R&D Center

  • 01Water Convergence R&D Center A
  • 02Water Convergence R&D Center B

Facility Overview

Korea Water Cluster's Technology Control Tower for Company-Friendly R&D The Water Convergence R&D Center supports the empirical testing and measurement and analysis processes in connection with laboratories and Test Beds to facilitate the product and technology development of water-related companies. In cooperation with Water Campus and Global Business Center, it plays various roles in all areas of corporate support such as fostering talented people.

Key Facilities

물융합연구동 개요를 보여주는 테이블로 각 시설 별 주요시설 정보를 보여준다.
Building Facilities
Rental Research Lab(14), Rental Research Office(14), Meeting Room(2), Customer Consultation Room/Rest Area, Test-Beds Office
Rental Research Lab(19), Rental Research Office(21), Meeting Room(2), Management Office of Rest Area, Data Processing room