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  • 01Test-Bed Plant Details
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Facility Overview

Acquisition of reference (operational performance) through the operation of Test Beds, shortening of certification/verification period of new technology, simplifying procedures, and in case of purification/sewage/wastewater TB, the capacity of 10 ~ 100 times of the performance recognition criteria can be accommodated.

Key Facilities

실증화시설 개요를 보여주는 테이블로 각 시설 별 주요시설 정보를 보여준다.
Name of Facility Key Facilities
Vefrication Plant
Purification(2,000㎥/Day), Sewage(1,000㎥/Day), Wastewater(1,000㎥/Day), Reclaimed Water(1,000㎥/Day)
User-Customized Area
Purification - 15x200㎥/Day, Sewage - 10x100㎥/Day Wastewater - 10x100㎥/Day, Reclaimed Water 10x200㎥/Day
Pipe Network Testing Area
Drainage Facility (Circulation Pipe Network 1.4km, Piping Conduit 200m, etc.) , Water Supply Facility (Indoor water supply test facility A=150㎡